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Eat & Exercise to Live

The world is an open highway of information on health, and health benefits due to the internet, and many television shows that are now dedicated to health, and living a healthy lifestyle. What that means to each of us varies. If you have chosen to live life as a vegan only partaking of living nutrients, and greens of the earth in their purest form then this article is for you.   Daily life and meal planning of a Vegan is very different from what America has represented in terms of the National Read more [...]

Industrial Agriculture and Veganism

Adopting an exclusive plant-based diet is the most direct way to say "no" to animal suffering and save lives.  Unfortunately, the exploitation of animals can befound in many unexpected places.  Indeed, more than the food itself, how it was grown may well be partially responsible or at least assist in maintaining the killing and suffering of our friends without voices. Current methods of cultivation, whether conventional, biological or biodynamic are highly oriented towards the use of animals.  Read more [...]

The Rise of a Meatless Economy

As the world becomes more dense, land becomes more scarce, and the "meat factories" become even more toxic. There has been a rise in the sale of "faux meats". Products made from plant based ingredients that look and taste like their counterparts that they seek to emulate. As we all know where there is demand there are consumers waiting to spend their hard earned money. This increase in demand is attracting many forward thinking companies, investors, and individuals. Bill Gates, Li Ka-shing, Biz Stone, Read more [...]

Bill Clinton….almost a Vegan

Although it might not be considered news, but people love to gossip and talk about things that really don't amount to any positive change for the world we live in. I only write this little news snippet because if any person with an amount of celebrity can highlight the benefits of a humane diet then I'm all for it. For anyone that has made the change later in life to a vegan lifestyle, then you can understand the challenges that are apart of the transformation. Clinton who made the change after Read more [...]

Earthlings (Full Length)

I will mention straight off that this is a Doc filled with horrific images of what humans do to the world around us. It is difficult to watch but even more difficult or many people to come to terms with the fact that everyone of us contributes to these atrocities every day. For some it is too much to take and accept and they will stop watching and continue through life with blinders on because the truth is too hard to accept. Most people do not want to accept the truth. If you want the Read more [...]

Go Further

Kind of a quirky little Doc that has some funny and enlightening moments. Woody Harrelson is one of those people that doesn't really follow the traditional Hollywood typecast. The viewer is brought along on this journey of sorts as this bio-fueled bus travels down the Westcoast of the U.S.A. Talking with people and spreading the word of a sustainable lifestyle while exploring the challenges one faces as they try to institute change. Read more [...]

Making the Connection

Here's a Mini-Doc for you to feast your eyes on. A nice look at fine dining luxury food. The only difficulty I have is that people are always looking at Veganism as a "going without" or "missing out" when it comes to enjoying dining. I wish people would not look at trying to copy or emulate carnivorous based diets. A Vegan diet is a stand alone way of living, it is not a second choice or going without, we should never have to defend the plant based way of life. Vegans should never have to Read more [...]


An interesting Doc that looks at the challenges of the vegan lifestyle and diet. Going Vegan and being Vegan have there own unique challenges. Making the decision to change is the hardest of the two. those of us that have made the change after years of habits being formed and "addiction" being created must find new brain pathways to make the transition. The world is surrounded with competing messages all trying to push us in a direction that is to somebody else's wants. The premise of this documentary Read more [...]